This is a page of acknowledgments to those whose pre-existing labor have made mine possible and successful.

Maurice A. Robinson (1947- ) and William G. Pierpont (1915-2003)
for the 1550 Stephanus Greek Codex with Morphology

Mark O'Farrell
for the addition of all the Greek Accents to said Codex

Noah Webster (1758-1843)
for the foundational 1833 Webster English translation,
a clarifying work with many beneficial annotations

Larry Pierce
for adding the original Strong's numbers to Webster's Translation in October 1995

James Strong (1822-1894)
for his Greek and Hebrew Dictionaries,
which I inherited as a brother and fellow steward in the Lord

Reuben Archer Torrey (1856-1928)
for his method of scripture study, his testimony,
and encouragement across a century of time

J. Scott Duvall & J. Daniel Hays
for the book “Grasping God's Word”

Spiros Zodhiates (1922-2009)
for his efforts in bringing clarity to the meaning of biblical Greek words in English,
for the book "The Complete Word Study Dictionary - New Testament"

None of these men who are living have heard of me. They are not able to endorse this work, for they are unaware of it. They are listed here so that a record of gratitude may be made for their contribution to the Redeemed and to my well-being. Thank you, deeply.