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Note: On June 11, 2007, PlowShare [Interlinear web app] was placed on the Internet at version 0.90.
Note: On July 13, 2007 4:40am, PlowShare was made available to Alpha testers/users at version 0.91.

Note: On January 3, 2008, The Old Testament was included in the Hilkiah Edition
Note: On January 11, 2008, The Hebrew Old Testament and the Hilkiah OT was included in PlowShare in only 8 days! Praise to Jesus!

Note: On March 28, 2008 2:40pm, PlowShare version 1.00 was finally released. Hallelujah! Praise to God!

Note: On October 5, 2008 11:45pm, I finished a week of working with Costas Stergiou (he lives in Greece). We integrated the Mickelson's Enhanced Strong's Greek and Hebrew Dictionaries into "The Word" Bible study software. They have become the default dictionaries for Costas' product. I updated PlowShare Online to these latest revisions. I also update PlowShare Online to use Hilkiah N.T. 0.13 and Hilkiah O.T. 0.02. I am well pleased with the progress. I also exported the Hiliah N.T. into Text-to-Speech and can now listen to it with acceptable audio fidelity via MP3. -JKMickelson

Foundation of the English text is the Revised Webster's Translation

Updated module/header information


Current issue with base text: 2498 Greek/Strong's word have no matching English word
Many occurrences of the word "the" are combined with the noun and are not preserved separately
(resolved in v0.60 - the word "the" is separated for each occurence, after 58 sets of revisions.)

#Begin to distinguish between surely, truly, verily, certainly, indeed, really (and the like)

#Unveil the Evil one's names (so we won't be stupid/superstitious)

#Resolve (distinguish the actual words/concepts currently used for) "worship" (prostrate, serve, etc. 10 Greek words)


#Resolve "ordain" (made, judged, assigned, etc. 11 Greek words). The English "ordain" is not a N.T. concept - see also dictate

Resolve "appoint" (14 different Greek words)

Resolve "master" (8 different Greek words)


Resolve G1849 "ἐξουσία" - Authority (4 different English words)

Note: In November, 2007, PlowShare was upgraded to version 0.92.
Note: On December 2, 2007, work resumes on Hilkiah after 2 months rests (and a proper vacation, a first in 4 years)

Resolve church, gathering, assembly, G1865-assemblage, congregation, synagogue, G4816-collect

Render baptize in English


Render gospel in English

Continue to resolve and clarify English translation for "worship"

v0.05 & v0.06


Translate apostle into English (thus having resolved apostle vs. ambassador, emissary, missionary, sent one, set apart one, sent forth on a mission, and other possible variations)


Resolve and clarify the English word "office" according to the actual Greek words

Changed Present Active verb endings from archaic "eth" to "s" (hideth to hides, findeth to finds)


Continue to resolve and clarify English translation for "worship"


Resolve and Clarify the English word "business"

Resolve and Clarify the English word "study"


Date: December 25, 2007 - I was drawn to the task, and what a delight it is to my soul!

Resolve and Clarify the English word "steward"

Date: December 26, 2007

Changed verb endings, from archaic "est" to " " (comest to come, lettest to let)

Resolve and Clarify the English words: deacon, wait upon others, minister, serve, servant, etc. (various types of servants) I have looked into this for four years, and today, I am ready to begin resolving it.

Date: December 29, 2007


Begin to resolve G3784 ὀφείλω (ought, should, obligated, owed, duty, bound, indebted)


Date: January 5, 2008

Resolve and Clarify "Love"


Resolve and Clarify "Life" (zoe, bios, psyche)

Note: On January 21, 2008, PlowShare was upgraded to version 0.96.


Note: On January 27, 2008, PlowShare was upgraded to version 0.97.
This version can search the Scriptures using English, Greek, or Hebrew.

Note: On February 2, 2008, PlowShare was upgraded to version 0.98.
This version includes click-the-word to search the Scriptures using English, Greek, or Hebrew.

Date: May 25, 2008

Date: September 13, 2008

Date: September 19, 2008


Date: November 1, 2008


Date: November 8, 2008


Date: November 22, 2008

Clarify: Fool , Wise (synonyms & antonyms)


Date: December 2, 2008

Note: on December 31, 2008, 2 copies of The Hilkiah NT Interlinear Greek-English Bible (Preview Edition) were published for private review among close colleagues. Jonathan K. Mickelson, Editor and Translator.


Date: March 17, 2009


Date: March 23, 2009

Note: On March 22, 2009, PlowShare Translator was created as an extension of the PlowShare Mission research tool. Allows translator to make changes within the extended research tool itself (and within the context of the research itself).


Date: March 25, 2009

Date: March 28, 2009

Reconcile and clarify: holy, sanctified, sacred, consecrate and similar words (like justified, purify, cleanse).

G0037-G0042 are all about the concept of being set apart unto God, that is, being made holy. Yet, English tends to obscure this by using separate words for the same thing: (consecrated, set apart, holy, sanctified, and hallowed) – they are the same word; thus “holy” is the most consistent and appropriate word choice.

Note: G0040 ἅγιος and G0053 ἁγνός both come from “ἁγός” meaning “accursed, an abomination” , thus requiring “atonement, an atoning sacrifice”. Ἁγός” is from “ἅζομαι” which corresponds with the Latin “piaculum” - “a victim, sacrifice, atonement, punishment, a sin”, and “expression to attain peace”.Άγος|en|

First step: reconcile by using “holy”.

Second step: strongly consider and pray about clarifying with “set apart (unto God)”. (as of April 4, 2009: the reader must learn what “Holy” truly means.)

Note: On March 30, 2009, PlowShare Translator was first put into use.

Date: March 30, 2009

Completed a thorough examination of the words (and roots), synonyms, contexts, and their connotations.

I will re-examine at least twice again after this set of revisions to ensure proper English expression of these Hebraic thoughts preserved in Greek (within the proper new and old covenant understanding). Hebraic, in that the authors are Hebrews, and that the Scriptures of God, by establishment and inheritance, belong to Israel proceeding forth from the line of Jacob (and also to those grafted in to Israel by redeeming faith in Yeshua). H6942 קָדַשׁ


Date: May 18, 2009

Seventeen versions of the document have occurred. Ever since I made of copy of PlowShare and created a special edition called "PlowShare Translator", the process has moved much more swiftly (faster than I can document at the moment). The individual versions are intact, and documentation can be extracted at a later date, when desired.


Date: June 14, 2009

I have now reconciled 70.2% of the vocabulary usage for the Hilkiah New Testament translation. Only 36,878 words remaining in the text to verify. whew! Then, I start on the Shaphan Edition which will go through the entire process again reconciling verb tense, proper article usage (definate/indefinate), and other grammatical checks for approximately 124,000 words of the English translation. This says nothing of the Greek-English NT Dictionary that I have working for more than a year before starting the translation work (and continue to work on).

My eyes have seen what many have longed to see, but did not see.


Date: August 2, 2009

I have now reconciled 80.3% of the vocabulary usage for the Hilkiah New Testament translation. Only 25,682 words remaining.


Date: November 16, 2009

Vocabulary reconciliation is at 89.6%. Only 13,836 words remaining. The initial verse-by-verse proofreading was finished today after 3.5 months of effort. Preview "B" is getting much closer to print.

In Progress...

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