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March 20, 2009 7:30am

In February 2004, I started programming "The PlowShare Mission" aka PlowShare. In 2007, I started the Hilkiah Edition. This day, I have begun the Shaphan Edition to produce a program driven translation of the scripture for the purpose of reconciling verb tenses, and to check the Hilkiah for consistency.

I continue to keep in mind the generation whom will inherit this work of restoration. With thanksgiving to the Anointed Savior (Yeshua HaMeshiah, Jesus the Christ) through whom all blessings flow and the promises of God are made certain, I continue this day to translate and render back to God what is His alone. - Jonathan K. Mickelson

Key Tenets

  • Produce a mechanical translation that (by use of contrast with the hand translated Hilkiah Edition) causes inconsistencies, change of contexts, and other issues of translation to become more readily apparent.
  • The purpose remains to bring the English speaking person to the Word of God, not the Word of God to the English speaking person. (not bringing the Word to someone's mindset or bent, but bringing someone to the Word)
  • The Shaphan Edition preserves the Construct while endeavoring to convey, in English, the Concept actually being communicated by the author. Context is taken into account as much as is programatically feasible.
  • Again, preserve the Construct (verb to verb, noun to noun, past to past, etc) , then, with all strength and reason, preserve the Concept .
  • Do not transliterate. Use common English and fully render the construct in English.
  • Strive for Word Consistency within the Given Context (man or husband, woman or wife).
  • Document the Contexts in which each word is used (this edition contributes to this future project).
  • As far as is reasonable, make each Greek word or phrase have a unique English word or phrase.
  • Do not undermine a Greek word or concept by assigning it a single English word: use an English phrase as often and liberally as needed for proper expression.
  • Keep it simple and easy to read and comprehend.
  • Do not dumb it down. If an explicit Greek concept requires a college level word, use it or consider an appropriate, succinct, but accurate phrase.

This is God's Word. It will verify itself. It will ring true for it is living, and it is true.

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