Museum : Translation Overview

This is an introduction to the translation work that is in progress:

Mickelson's Hilkiah Edition (MHE) is a hand-edited translation to correct vocabulary usage and ensure consistency of word choices.

As this work does provide benefit to the modern English speaker in comprehending the Greek Scriptures, it is likely that it will be published as an intermediary reference work.

update: Available in Print (see book store).

This includes the New Testament Interlinear and Greek Dictionary. Also, the Translation is available with Strong's numbers and Greek morphology include above and beneath each English word (this is the first time such features has been offered in an English-only translation). By God's enabling Grace, this edition includes much of the work involved in the following two stages.

The Shaphan Edition is a computer driven translation used to resolve verb tenses, identify inconsistencies, and out-of-context translation issues in the Hilkiah Edition.

It is highly unlikely that the Shaphan edition will ever be released. This is because it is exceptionally unlikely that a computer driven translation will ever produce a contextually and conceptually accurate translation. It only serves to help identify discrepancies in the hand-edited translation.

The Mickelson Clarified Edition (MCE) will be the result of both translations being reconciled to one another and the Greek text.

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