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June 12, 2007 6:20pm

In February 2004, I started programming "The PlowShare Mission" aka PlowShare to help Followers of Christ dig into His Word more clearly. I recognized the need for a clear translation, and that, in truth, the scriptures had not yet been properly and fully rendered in English. Seeing that the Greek New Testament was the most abused text, I have set out to reclaim it on behalf of myself and my fellow Saints. I, myself, simply had to know what God's Word fully says.

While journeying the entirety of the Word twelve times (Genesis to Revelation), I realized there was more fullness left on the pages of the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts than was making its way into English. Some of this was due to efficient use of word space on the printed page. Some was due to carelessness. Still other occurrences were deliberate attempts to lead the reader astray.

The Word of God should never have been handed down to me in such a state. Having had three years to research numerous matters, I simply come to the Greek text (1550 Stephanus by Erasmus) to render simply what it says: no more, no less.

I know that in so doing, I will find myself on the wrong side of what is written. It will challenge my conduct, my values, my beliefs, and my "personal truths." This is perfectly and wholesomely acceptable to me. I can afford to be exposed, because in Christ, I do not have to remain in the dark. Having been washed by His Blood by Faith in His Redemption, all of me can be renewed by the washing of the Word.

I have gained His assurance that I will be permitted to complete this task. I keep in mind the generation not yet born whom will inherit this work of restoration. With thanksgiving to the Anointed Savior (Yeshua HaMeshiah, Jesus the Christ) through whom all blessings flow and the promises of God are made certain, I begin this day to translate and render back to God what is His alone. - Jonathan K. Mickelson

Key Tenets

This is God's Word. It will verify itself. It will ring true for it is living, and it is true.

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