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This is an introduction to the Mickelson dictionary work:

The Mickelson's Enhanced Strong's Greek and Hebrew Dictionaries included in "The Word" Bible software is a preview "A" edition of this hand-edited Bible dictionary (with computer validation). Each entry is normalized into various fields for extended computer usage. The dictionaries contain parts of speech as well as proper noun identification of people, locations, groups (nationalities and followers), and things. The updates and enhancements are quite substantial to clearly distinguish this work from Strong's original while clearly retaining the solid foundation he laid.

This is a copyrighted work, and is not available in print.

The Mickelson's Hilkiah Edition Greek Dictionary and Mickelson's Hilkiah Edition Hebrew Dictionary are the editions of the dictionaries found on this site. They are the companion dictionaries to the Hilkiah Edition of the New Testament Interlinear and English-only Translation. The Greek-English definitions and contexts have been further expanded and reconciled to account for each distinct usage in the Greek New Testament. Distinctions between similar words have been clarified for clear, uniform translation and verbal communication. The Greeks had a word for it, and now there is a matching common, modern English word or a word form (phrase) to match each context. The obsolete or highbrow English words used in definitions have been updated. For example, a "quotidian course" is simply a "daily rotation." God has always spoken to His people in their language and dialect so they could understand Him. Abraham understood Him in Chaldee of Ur, Moses understood Him in the Desert after fleeing Egypt, Ezekiel understood Him in Babylonian Exile, Paul (originally Saul) understood Him on the Road near Damascus. Very different dialects, yet very clear communication.

This is a copyrighted work, and the Greek dictionary (and Interlinear) is available in print. ( Barnes&Noble, )

Preview "B" is the current working edition of the MHE Greek dictionary. This Greek dictionary was sent to publication, January 2010.

Interim "A" is the current working edition of the MHE Hebrew dictionary.

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